European Summer School in Cultural Studies

London, 26th-31st July, 2010

The Cultures of Food, Eating and Cooking


Monday 26th July

Writing Food

10.00-11.30 Introductory Remarks and Plenary Lecture 1

Carsten Meiner: Literary Food: Reflections on the Historical Functionality of the Meal in Rabelais, Shakespeare, Goethe and Flaubert

11.30-11.45 COFFEE

11.45-13.45 Eating Your Words: Paper Session IA

Anastasia Gremm: Eating and Appetite in Contemporary Literature for Children and Young Adults

Uwe Mayer: Bites of Presence and a Mouthful of Meaning: The Literary Representation of Food and its Cultural Implications

Else Sauge Torpe: Reading Cookbooks

11.45-13.45 Eating Your Words: Paper Session IB

Christina Mohr: Making Well-Fed Westerners Starve – An Experientialist Analysis of Herta Mueller’s Everything I Possess I Carry With Me (2009)

Hanna Mäkelä: 'Mimetic Disorder': Eating and Imitation in Siri Hustvedt’s What I Loved

Martina Kopf: Mountain Food: Eating Between Nature and Culture in 20th Century Literature

13.45-15.00 LUNCH

15.00-16.20 Eating Your Words: Paper Session 2A

João Borges da Cunha: The Kosher Law in Philip Roth’s Early Fiction: Food Rules and Food Transgression in the Experience of the Masculinity Growth Process

Jutta Weingarten: Hitting the Glass Ceiling: The Queens of Govan (2000) as a Feminist Perspective on the Functions of Food in Contemporary British Asian Fiction

15.00-16.20 Eating Your Words: Paper Session 2B

Maciej Maryl: Reading with a Stomach: Literary Recipes and the Experience of Fiction

Marija Sruk: Muselmann. Eating and Starving in Holocaust Fictional Film and Literature

Tuesday 27th July

Culinary Cultures

10.00-11.15 Plenary Lecture 2

Ansgar Nuenning: Gastronomic Chauvenism: Food, Patriotic Xenophobia and the Study of Eighteenth-Century British Culture

11.15-11.30 COFFEE

11.30-14.10 Culinary Cultures: Paper Session 1A

Bahar Emgin: Greco-Turkish Food Wars: Constructing National Identities through Culinary Cultures

Anna Rettberg: The Chutneyfication of Englishness: Food, Eating and Cooking as Symbols for Challenging National Identity in Contemporary (Black) British Literature

Melanie Schiller: Never Mind the Krauts, Here’s the Potatoes

Kiki Jeanson: Culinary Culture of Dutch-Indonesian Colonial Migrants in the Netherlands

11.30-14.10 Culinary Cultures: Paper Session 1B

Antonia Mazel: Gastro-Politics in Italy: Food, National Identity and the Invention of Tradition

Åsmund Ormset: Wine as a Marker of Cultural Difference in The Guanches of Tenerife and the Conquest of Canarias by Lope de Vega

Caroline Lusin: Curry, Tins and Chota Hazri: Food, Identity and Cultural Boundaries in Anglo-Indian Life-Writing

Seda Muftugil: The Making of a Turkish/Ottoman Cuisine


Wednesday 28th July

Perverse Food

10.00-11.15 Plenary Lecture 3

Knut Stene-Johansen: Freud and the Passion for Food. Psychoanalysis and Gastronomy

11.15-11.30 COFFEE

11.30-12.50 Perverse Food: Paper Session 1A

Dominik Schrey: ‘I Wonder Who the Real Cannibals Are’ – Filmic Representations of Cannibalism Beyond the Horror Genre

Florian Vlad: Consuming the Human: Disease and Anthropophagia in Land of the Dead and The Road

11.30-12.50 Perverse Food: Paper Session 1B

Pelin Aytemiz: Dead Body in the Kitchen as an Abject Food: Cannibalism and Corpse Cooking Films

Maja Krajnc: Beauty and Horror

12.50-14.00 LUNCH

14.00-15.20 Perverse Food: Paper Session 2A

Simon Bacon: Eat Me!: The Moral Dilemma of Need and Necessity in Vampiric Cuisine

Pietro Bianchi: The Contemporary Symbolic Order and its Relation to Enjoyment: Hysteria to Eating Disorders

14.00-15.20 Perverse Food: Paper Session 2A

Alex MacKintosh: A Slaughterhouse in Fleet Street: Sweeney Todd and the Slaughterhouses of Nineteenth-century London

Anne Kleberg Hansen: Bodies Out of (Proper) Shape


Thursday 29th July

Art and Food

10.00-11.15 Plenary Lecture 4

Mark Cousins: Food for Thought: Reading and Eating

11.15-11.30 COFFEE

11.30-13.30 Art, Ritual and Food: Paper Session 1A

Jacob Lillemose: The Senses Define a Space which is Unoccupiable. On Gordon Matta-Clark's Food (1971-1974)

Mirjam Horn: The Hunger Artist Revisited: On the Correlation of Starving and Aesthetic Practice

Kai Liu: Dining as a Medium

11.30-13.30 Art, Ritual and Food: Paper Session 1B

Freek Janssens: Anyone Can Cook: Aesthetics and Politics in Ratatouille

Paul Craddock: Food and Metaphors for Eating in Christian Interpretations of the Bodily Resurrection

Elisabetta Colla: “Inked-food”: tasting Macao through A Cheng´s Water-painted Caricature

13.30-14.45 LUNCH

14.45-16.00 Plenary Lecture 5

Laura Salisbury: What Samuel Beckett Throws Up

Friday 30th July


10.00-11.15 Plenary Lecture 6

Jaap Kooijman: Coca-Colanozation and McDonaldization: The Fast Food Metaphor in the Globalization Debate

11.15-11.30 COFFEE

11.30-12.50 Gastropolitics: Paper Session A

Caroline Nyvang: Back to the Roots? Vegetarian Cookbooks as Countercuisine

Marc Tuters: Open-Source Food and Cosmopolitics

11.30-12.50 Gastropolitics: Paper Session B

Trine Antonsen: The Ethics of Eating Right

Igor Bijuklic: When Food became Fuel

12.50–14.00 LUNCH

14.00 Concluding Remarks and Evaluation

18.00-21.00 Conference Banquet Dinner: East Room, TATE Modern